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Reclaim the Joy in Your Life!

Meet Marsha Ferrick, PhD, BCC.

...helping people thrive since 1977
- Master Your Emotions
- Improve Your Relationships
- Make Peace with the Past
- Increase Your Income
- Live Your Dream
- Build a Life You Love

How Dr. Ferrick Can Help

Dr. Ferrick Helps You Improve Your Life By:

Teaching you methods for stabilizing your emotions with distress tolerance skills. 

Showing you how to work on and build life skills to more effectively manage your life. 

Providing a safe, professional environment to process your grief and your trauma. 

Partnering with you to build a plan to improve the relationships that are most important to you.

Discover Your Powerful Presence

Dr. Marsha Ferrick gently works with clients to transform challenging life into amazing journeys. Life gets difficult at times, and even the most competent individuals can become overwhelmed with what life hands us.

Are you attempting to keep it all together and having a hard time doing so? Do you feel like you’re leading a double life? Is your business, marriage, or children having problems?

Do you need confidential, convenient, compassionate and ultra-competent support? Dr. Ferrick works with clients that are intelligent, hard-working, loving individuals that want to create the best for themselves, their families, and the people they serve in their personal and professional lives, yet sometimes life happens, and things fall apart.

This is when hiring a Board Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Psychologist with 20+ years of mental health and behavioral experience like Dr. Ferrick becomes a fantastic investment.

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a deep, transformation process that inspires you to live the effective and successful life you desire. Your work with Dr. Ferrick is kept confidential. We work via phone, Zoom or via private telehealth platform. Schedule your sessions from your home or office, no travel time is necessary.

Therapy gives you the tools and strategies to overcome limiting behaviors, manage overwhelming emotions, and embrace new mindsets to achieve personal empowerment and balance.

Therapy allows you to utilize insurance if it is an insurance carrier with whom Dr. Ferrick is contracted. If not you may pay out of pocket as many of our clients do. Your insurance company may partially reimburse you, if they cover out-of- network providers. 

Individual Therapy is best for individuals having difficulty functioning fully in one or more areas of their lives. Dr. Ferrick works in partnership with clients to help guide them along their paths to improved functioning in their daily life.

What You Can Expect:

Stabilization of Emotions

Overcome Limiting Thinking

Skill Education, Development, Generalization

Decreased impact of Historical Issues/Trauma

Improved Interpersonal Interactions

Increased Self Awareness

Maintenance Strategies

Therapy is Powerful for:

Individuals Seeking Emotional Balance

Managing Distress

Understanding Destructive or Ineffective Life Patterns

Creating Effective Behaviors 

Improving Relationships

Managing Appropriate Boundaries

Establishing Baseline Self Care Habits

We tailor the work to meet your immediate needs. Typically starting with stabilizing emotions and decreasing the impact of negative thinking. Next the focus on skills education, development and generalization to actual life. This transforms situations so that more effective interactions are made. This work is continued until the new skills become habitual. If there are historical or trauma issues that continue to create unnecessary destabilization then these issues will be desensitized so they no longer impact your daily life and interactions.

Beyond Dr. Ferrick’s professional training, she stands out as a caring professional because when clients have challenges or problems between sessions, she  communicates as soon as possible to provide support and guidance. She brings her teaching and training to the moment where it is most valuable for you, and change is readily undertaken and adapted.

Coaching becomes an integral part of your life assisting you to change how you think, feel, and live it transforms your relationships for the better, and helps you create the life you want.