Once upon a time in a small village a man owned some land. One day a herd of wild horses came to reside on this man’s property. His neighbors were so excited! They told him this is great. You are a very wealthy man now. The man only replied, “maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad”. Then the man’s son decided he would train the stallion of this wild herd, and in the process the stallion dumped the son and the son’s leg was broken. The neighbors were so upset! This is awful they replied, “what will you do now that your son has a broken leg?” Again, the man only replied, “maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad”. At this same time the King of this man’s country declared war on another country, and began conscripting young men into the army. Needless to say this man’s son could not go because he had a broken leg.

Original Source Unknown

This story is one of my favorites. It reminds me that in any given moment my judgment of an event is wrong. The story suggests that I might want to suspend titles such as “good” or “bad” because I simply do not have the power to know how that event will play out in the future. “Good” and “bad” are labels I give an event depending on the story I have created about how that event will impact myself or others. The story I create is no more accurate then the story that someone else might create about the same event.

So has a herd of wild horses appeared in your world today? If so remember, “maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad”, or maybe it is just another part of your life’s journey. What story will you create today? Make it fun!

Byron Katie on Judging