I spent a day with the incredible, executive coach, and friend, Karen Davis. After we had played for several hours with my horses, and had a relaxing lunch, we made the hour drive to Tonto National Forest where we hoped to located and view one of the wild herds of Salt River Horses. As clear intention, or wonderful luck would have it we found, first a small band of three stallions, and then a larger herd with a stallion, mares, and babies.

I am always awed by the sight of these horses. They tolerate humans watching, and photographing them in stride. Yet they keep a reasonable distance. About 19 months ago these horses were destined to be rounded up, and most likely destroyed by the federal government, however the horses were saved by many individuals, and organizations that stood, and spoke up in order to save them. The state of AZ has acted to protect the wild horses. The people have requested that the Federal Government follow suit.

IMG 20170206 163814444 HDR 300x169 - Amongst the Wild Horses

When I stand among these wild horses, I am flooded with the feeling that these horses know that the people that come to see them, saved them, and they are grateful. Perhaps it is my own gratitude that flows out for these beautiful horses, in this amazing national land that has been preserved for us by those that stood up, and demand the right thing be done.

In those moments when I was full of being present to myself, the horses, to the land, to the connection that goes between the people, the land, and the horses something greater moved, and moments of oneness with all of it occurred for me. When I become still, and quiet with horses in nature the incredible occurs, and I find my peace, and place in the world.

Where do you find your peace? Where is your place in the world? Can’t find it, feeling lost? Contact me, I can help you find it.

Love, Marsha

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