“Excessive busyness is a form of show business. It has no place in the real world of straight-line effectiveness,”

Dusan Djujukich

busybee - Are You Productive or Just Busy?

Finally, I have cut through the cr** if I am too busy I am not being productive period!

Productive work reduces busyness it does not increases it.  Sure being busy sounds good. It looks good, but it really is about going around and around without really getting anywhere.

Stop! For just a minute stop.

Think! What really must be done today? Why? Does it add to the bottom line? Does it improve a relationship? Is it really productive?

Is your time being spent in real conversations with amazing people that will make things happen? Or is your time wasted in lazy mental busyness tasks or conversations about things that will never happen?

So, next time you say you “are too busy”, join me in asking yourself why? Why am I busy? Why aren’t I being productive? What am I avoiding by being busy? Why am I getting in the way of my own success?

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