The white winged dove, a bird made famous by the song “On the Edge of seventeen” written and performed by Stevie Nicks. Nicks said the white winged dove symbolized the spirit leaving the body. The white winged dove plentiful in the southwest is not an especially auspicious bird when viewed at the top of a Saguaro where they imbibe on the fruit of this cactus that lives in the Sonoran Desert.
The white doves have a soft grey taupe coat with a bit of white016cb5a5 112c 4d02 b915 0d5911dd005b - Are You Soaring? trim at the bottom of their wings. If you look closely enough, they have a beautiful blue eye shadow framing their orange colored eyes. Their subtle beauty is magnified 100 fold when they fly, the white edge of the wing becomes a distinctive white band midway up the wings and a white tail band appears.
Like the white winged dove my clients are often unassuming until they take off and soar into the lives they want to create for themselves. I get the pleasure of dafa7204 7641 45e1 990b 74ac7df4b647 - Are You Soaring?watching them soar, and their true beauty is revealed, as they open their wings and take flight. Perhaps as Nicks said, the dove is a symbolization of the spirit leaving the body. I’d like to believe that the white winged dove represents the beauty of the flight of the spirit within all of us as we soar toward the life we want to create for ourselves. As my clients learn to create the lives they want they soar, and their beauty touches many lives, and I am blessed to know them.
Where in your life is your spirit soaring?