What are the benefits of equine collaborated coaching? Besides being in the arena with truly awe inspiring animals? First, you learn exactly who you are when you are in an arena with a horse. Why? Because horses don’t believe your words if your body language tells them differently. They create a mirror for you of your strengths and growing edges. They read and reflect your subconscious thoughts via your body language. Your words mean little to them if your actions, behavior, posture, and tone differ from what you are telling them with your body. You can lie to yourself and even to other humans but horses are not as naive as we human beings. Horses listen and attend with their whole body, and heart to the whole person. They do not listen for what they want to hear, they trust their internal intuition, their own sense of knowing, and thus they see us even when we cannot see ourselves.

Second, you can learn very quickly who you can be with a horse. When you face even the quietest unbridled, unhaltered, untethered 1200# horse in a 10m x 10m arena you can be moved out of your comfort zone quickly. However, with instruction you learn to maximize your range of connection and boundaries in a short span of time. I have been amazed at the immense changes that occur in people within a 45-60 minute session when they work with my horses.

Below I am moved out of my comfort zone when my young 2 year old Andalusian stud colt stands on his hind legs about 3′ in front of me to play. He forgets he outweighs me! Needless to say he is not quite ready to use with clients yet! Copyrighted 2014

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