Step Into Your Knowing


Your thoughts, feelings, and history meld to become your knowing.

In your body locate your knowing. Sit with your knowing then trust your knowing.

The success in your life is linked to your trust of your knowing.

Find it. Claim it. Be it.

Family Instability – Causes and Consequences

Family Instability - Causes and Consequences

Family instability is any factor that creates additional challenges within a family unit that ultimately affects a child/children’s cognitive, behavioral and emotional development, and places their development at significant risk […]

The Effects of Mental Illness on a Family

The Effects of Mental Illness on a Family

What is mental illness? Mental illness is often called the invisible illness and it affects millions of people each year. While it may present itself in numerous behaviors and physical […]

What Is a Parenting Plan?

What Is a Parenting Plan and Why Is It Important

Anyone experiencing a divorce or separation involving a child/children will benefit from creating a parenting plan. A parenting plan is an agreement negotiated by the parents of the child/children and […]

Reasons People Divorce in Arizona

Reasons People Divorce

Divorce is rampant in the United States. An average of 48% of first marriages end in divorce in the US. In Arizona, that figure rises to 67%. It seems catastrophic […]