Step Into Your Knowing


Your thoughts, feelings, and history meld to become your knowing.

In your body locate your knowing. Sit with your knowing then trust your knowing.

The success in your life is linked to your trust of your knowing.

Find it. Claim it. Be it.

Time: Can We Perfectly Control it?

In Perfect Time

Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should Max Ehrmann The universe doesn’t care about my timetable. It has its own. I find this frustrating, […]

I Don’t Need a Life Coach

animals 1974166 1280 1024x683 - I Don't Need a Life Coach

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Thomas Jefferson I have often heard, “I don’t need a coach… I have a coach, it’s my mom, my dad, […]

Your Posture, Impacts You

Be fully in the moment, open yourself to the powerful energies dancing around you. Ernest Hemingway We know that our posture impacts how others see us, but did you know […]

The Value of Knowing Nothing

Communication solves all problems. Steve Chandler What is the value of knowing nothing about another? This might be the one truth that is truly useful in forming and maintaining relationships, […]

What if You are Perfect?

I mean perfect as you are…that you did not need to change anything about yourself. What if you knew that at the very core of yourself that you were not […]

The Space Between

Life is lived in the expansion and contraction of the breath. Life is lived between the seconds, between the cells in the moments of presence to what is now in […]

Horses & Lunch

The feminine energy of the mare pulls the herd. The masculine energy of the stallion pushes the herd. In concert, they keep the herd fed, watered and safe. They interact […]