Dr. Ferrick knows professional coaching — whether in between appointments, or as an adjunct to process or as a stand-alone personal growth program challenge for the professional.  She and her programs and coaches deliver results for clients who are open to the process.

Adding professional coaching into your personal life goals program often can make the difference between struggling with roadblocks and understanding how to make change in your life and taking action to build the life you want.

Gina Bruno, Professional Health & Wellness Coach

Gina leads Dr. Ferrick’s coaching team and she  has been in the Alternative Health & Wellness industry for 30+ years with her main focus on the physical health and wellbeing of others as a massage thera

Gina Bruno NB 300x300 - Coaching Services

pist  with continuing education in many modalities. While considering retirement in massage therapy, her focus has shifted to Health & Wellness Coaching and continues her education in the coaching industry.