This may be stating the obvious, but if you want a great relationship you have to be a great you! Not a good you, but a great you. If your relationships are not what you want them to be then consider the possibility that you are not being the best you, you can be. Not everyone is capable of having great relationships. However, if a great relationship is something you want then you have to be capable of having a great relationships on your side of the table. There is an old saying, 2’s and 10’s do not marry (and if they do they divorce quickly).  People with vast differences in awareness, insight, and relationship skills do not have meaningful relationships together ever. They may be acquaintances or even friends, but they do not have deep, meaningful interpersonal relationships.

If your belief in yourself, your personal growth, attitude, and relationship skills are not the best you then don’t expect to have awesome relationships. If you want great relationships read books, watch DVDs, attend seminars, and focus each day on working to be a better you within each relationship. Bring the best you to your relationships, only then do you have a chance at having great relationships.


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