Dead Ends, No Outlets, I never take them. Do you?
I tend to wander down unknown dirt roads, which may not surprise those of you that know me. I like to explore new things when I have the time. Typically, bumpy, winding roads where you cannot see around the next corner, or what is over the next crest in the road. It can be a bit hair raising at times, fun at others, and on occasion I get a glimpse of wild burros, horses, cattle, coyotes, jack rabbits, or hawks to name a few. The roads don’t always lead anywhere but the views are usually awesome, when I dare to take my eyes from the road. There are times when turning around becomes the best option, due to the terrain, and other times when I might as well keep going because the terrain ahead cannot be much worse than the terrain behind that’s assuming I have room to turn around! It’s good to know my limits. It’s good to know when to turn around, and when to keep going forward.


Why don’t I take Dead Ends or No Outlets? Why am I not interested in what is at the end of these roads? Maybe it is the words themselves, Dead End No Outlet together or apart these words imply the journey will end shortly, yikes! Certainly not words that invite you to travel down that road. What if the road sign read, End of the Rainbow, Stairway to Heaven, A Place to Rest, Scenic View, Peace and Quiet? I might take it to see if there were a pot of gold, a leprechaun, a golden staircase, a hammock, a view, or a garden.  Might I be more likely to travel that road? Of course!


Words matter, choices matter, roads not taken matter. Sometimes we need to take the road less traveled wherever it leads us because we need to have a new experience. We need to move beyond our comfort zone, and live for a time on the edge, a new edge to try out for the rest of our lives.


Where is your edge? Where are you holding back? What road would you like to travel that you have not gone on before? Remember you can always turn around, or just keep on going. The adventure is up to you. You chose!