Divorce Life Coach, Counselor and Therapist

Divorces are inevitably painful. A divorce is a loss, a death so to speak of a relationship, and the loss of the hopes and dreams that went with the relationship.

In life loss, like divorce is something that happens, and the devastation that it wreaks on you and your family may be difficult to manage. You may feel alone, betrayed, depressed, anxious, confused, angry, or numb. If children are involved, then another level of fear and apprehension may be added to your intense emotions.

Managing divorce, separation, or determining parenting issues with your ex-partner can be challenging. Often these are not made easier by the adversarial nature of our court system. Finding a path through this treacherous landscape can be difficult. If children are involved the court may order, or you may ask the court for a Comprehensive Legal Decision-Making Evaluation, Forensic Home Study, Limited Family Assessment, Therapeutic Intervention, a Parenting Coordinator, or Therapeutic Intervention.These services can aid the court and you in making better and more informed decisions for your children as the restructuring of your family takes place.

If divorce is not difficult enough having a partner or ex-partner that is hurt, angry, and feels betrayed and is determined to make life difficult for you then it is helpful to have someone to provide you with clarity and focus. It is easy to become sidetracked by the blame game. You may find Parenting Consultation or Parent Coaching especially helpful if you are dealing with a high conflict difficult partner or ex-partner. If this is the case I highly recommend that you obtain assistance.

Finding adequate support is essential to assist you in moving in a direction that is useful to you, and help you rebuild your life without making the same mistakes again. Family and friends may be of great comfort but often their view is jaded by their love and caring for you, or your ex-partner. People that you thought were your friends no longer are there for you. Individual therapy is especially useful in helping you move through your divorce and make the transition as smooth as possible given the circumstances.

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