“The old saying about sticks and stones was wrong. Names will forever hurt you,” says Natalie Sachs-Ericsson a Psychologist and Researcher. We often consider this verbal abuse if it is done to us by others, yet take a step back and “consider all the hurtful things you say to yourself (and/or your children, colleagues, friends) during the course of a day. Those disparaging comments you inflict on yourself will forever hurt you (and others)” writes Joelene Ashker, Life Coach.  So, STOP with the negative comments to yourself and everyone else. It’s that simple. STOP…Forgive yourself…Replace it with a truth based on the facts of who you are today, not who you were, or who you told yourself you were, or who someone else told you that you were but actually who you are…today. Do it NOW. Do it EVERY TIME…until you do it without thinking about it. What you focus on you become. Focus on being worthless, you will become worthless. Focus on your value and your value will grow. Remember you are in charge of your own garden! Pull out the weeds, and plant the seeds you want to grow! Copyrighted 2014SeedGrowing - Do You Verbally Abuse Yourself? Others?

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