Doctors are amazing human beings. Highly intelligent, motivated, service oriented, empathetic, and caring individuals that help others. Individuals that choose to become doctors, and then withstand the rigors to become one, seem too many of us to be super human, invincible. Yet, as we know doctors and medical professionals are all too human, and like most individuals over-time, stress, lack of self-care, and lack of support can impact functioning and not for the better. Life balance seems an impossible dream.

Slow Down

One of the hardest things I have found for many professionals and especially doctors to do is to consider the benefits of slowing down. By learning to slow down they can often accomplish more. Although counter intuitive it is true that if we slow down to the present moment and focus, we than begin to function at the speed of life. In slowing down we come present to what is important in this moment, and then determine what is to be next.

Finding Confidential Support

Doctors are in a unique position that if they are deemed human, then their expertise and advice might not be taken as valid or reliable. They might be questioned not only by patients, but by their own staff, colleagues, and management. Confidentiality is paramount for medical professionals, and often difficult to find today where electronic medical records make documentation more accessible to colleagues, despite HIPPA and standard ethical practices. For medical professionals even family and friends may be unreliable confidantes.

Balancing Act

Meeting the demands of work, patients, staff, spouse, children, and parents can take its’ toll on medical professionals. Finding a balance in the work and home arenas while caring for oneself becomes an ongoing juggling act of responsibility.

If you are a doctor or medical professional consider these questions:

When was last time you…

Had a meal with your family?

Ate three balanced meals in a day?

Went on a vacation?

Turned off your cell phone and computer for more than a couple hours?

Made love to your partner?

Meditated, took a deep breath, took a walk, went to the park, watched your child play a sport, or went to their recital?

Had a meaningful conversation with a family member?

You didn’t work late?

You didn’t take work home with you?

Put yourself first?

You had fun?

Don’t remember? Maybe it is time to slow down to the speed of life, and find out what you are missing. Those may just be the things you value most.

Desire life balance? Let’s talk.


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