The bad news is I’m the problem. marshachair 214x300 - Drop the Anchor!
The good news is if I’m the problem I’m also the solution!

Steve Chandler

Have you ever had problems with someone only to discover you are the problem?

This happens to me all the time. I hate to admit it but it is true. I’ve tried to be perfect but of course that always fails because I’m not. Then I have tried to deny and blame the other, but that always backfires because I always have a part in it. At times, I have tried to pretend as if I have it all together, but then of course I’m fooling no one because I don’t. So, then I beat myself up for being so perfectly imperfect. Then wow, I get so excited because I have indeed found something that I can do correctly. I can in fact be perfectly imperfect!

Unfortunately, my ego so hates being wrong, human, and facing my own fallibility that I give myself quite a verbal tongue lashing. It would so much simpler if I stopped making myself miserable, and became okay with my perfect imperfections. Yet in my humanness I to often chose to hold onto the anchor of negative self talk that takes me down, instead of dropping this needless anchor of ego I carry round, and allow myself to graciously and joyfully float up the ladder of consciousness. Which can be done so simply by taking a deep breath, and letting go of my need to blame myself and others  and stop creating painful thoughts and emotions for myself!

Where can you drop the anchor of your ego?

How could you float up the ladder of consciousness?

When do you need to take a deep breath and let go?

What would it be like to remove your ego from the driver’s seat, and let your loving self take charge of your journey?

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