Do you want to feel better about yourself?

Then …

Stop judging yourself and others.
Find the humor, it is there somewhere.
Stay in the moment, yes this moment.
Meditate a few minutes each day.

Define ‘who you are’ by what is in your heart.
Take risks, start small, then go big.
Address your wants and needs.
Cultivate close relationships with people.

Solve and address problems ASAP.
Speak positively to yourself, or at least stay neutral.
Convert should’s to could’s.
Get balanced meals and exercise.

Change what you can.
Mainly your thoughts.
Possibly some of your behaviors.
Forget the rest.

Learn from your mistakes.
Face it you’re fallible, and that’s ok.
Forgive yourself.
Move on.

Do this for a year.
Who are you now?

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