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” Families can make you or break you. When difficulties appear families that have solid foundations can withstand the storm, but over time damage can occur and erode the life you have built. Often rebuilding is necessary and starts with coaching across the generations,  to develop a legacy that stands the test of time.”

— Dr. Marsha Ferrick

Dr. Ferrick Specializes in Generational Coaching

Coaching multi-generational families is amazing work. Often after serious difficulties occur an individual reaches out to restore sanity to his or her life, children, spouse, work, and family. For high performing individuals that can be particularly devastating. Always be able to manage life at high functioning levels. Support is needed not from family or friends that are far too close to him or her, but from an experienced professional that can work across the generations, understand and navigate mental health issues, and restore his or her relationships, and business. Few individuals have this experience and skill set like Dr. Ferrick who works with all ages. She is an experienced and successful counselor and a businesswoman. She has managed clinical and forensic issues across the mental health and legal systems with children, teens, adults, couples, and families. As Board Certified Professional Coach she brings all this experience to the table and applies it with positive life-affirming methods in order to heal families, couples, businesses. Putting their lives back together.

Generation Coaching is Powerful for:

  • Individuals Struggling with Life Difficulties
  • Families with Mental Health Issues
  • Multi-System problems business, spouse, children, parents
  • Relationship issues within the Family

How Does Generational Coaching Work?

  • Assessment of the Issues
  • Managing Immediate Crises
  • Developing Effective Systems
  • Healing Interpersonal Rifts
  • Implementing Effective Skills
  • Mind Shifting and Cognitive Restructuring
  • Rebuilding
  • Flourishing

Dr. Ferrick works with Individuals and Families to keep and develop a family and meaningful legacy.

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    What the mind can conceive and
    believe, it can achieve.”
    –Napoleon Hill