Family is supposed to be our safe heaven. 
Very often, it’s the place where we find the deepest heartache. 
Iyanla Vanzant

I have a client that has had a chaotic life. There has been no peace, and family drama has been a time-honored tradition. As my client has dealt with many of his historical issues, he has moved forward and is creating the life he wants, without the familiarity of family drama. Drama is a habit in his family systems. Instead of continuing the ongoing Peyton Place of his family of origin he is learning to disengage from it. He is detaching with love when possible, if not then simply detaching.

He is choosing to “practice peace,” although this is no small feat when he has lived with drama all his life. Although he does not like all the drama, drama feels familiar, it is second nature to him, and if someone else is not creating it then he may unconsciously find ways to manifest it in his life. Only with consciousness can he maintain the peace he desires.

Family Drama

Drama can get created in multiple ways. Surrounding ourselves with drama creating people. We can make mountains out of molehills. Get in other, peoples’ business, and not mind our own. If none of this works, and we fail to surround ourselves with drama creating kings or queens, we can become one ourselves. Finally, we can agitate someone else, stir up trouble, and stand back and enjoy the drama that unfolds, all the time outward complaining about all the drama going on in our life.

Old Habit, New Practice

Habit and homeostasis are powerful deterrents to change. Practice is needed to remedy the behaviors that are ingrained in us that keeps us creating drama or hanging out with drama in our lives. We must remind ourselves to return to practicing peace on the pathway to creating the life we desire.

Want to practice peace? Getting swept up in the drama? Contact me.


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