Doctors know all about self-care so, why don’t they do it? Doctors and medical professionals are typically givers. They give a great deal to their patients, colleagues, families, and spouses, and often this is why doctors neglect their own self-care. Certainly, doctors know that maintaining good stress management and self-care is vital to physical and mental health. Who hasn’t heard their doctor ask some of the these questions. Are you eating balanced meals? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Are you exercising? Are you hydrating? Are you drinking too much caffeine or alcohol? Taking any non-prescribed drugs? Misusing prescribed drugs? How about the stress in your personal and professional life? Do you have enough support?

Of course, knowing it and doing it are two different things. So how do you create space in your life to take of yourself when you are so busy taking care of so many others?


Own the fact that your self-care is your responsibility, and don’t be a victim to your own busyness and become irresponsible regarding your own health. Take action by improved scheduling.


Get it in your schedule. If it isn’t on your schedule it won’t get done. So, include sleep, exercise, meals, appointments, taking medications, fun, and vacations in your schedule. Block time in all areas where your self-care is lacking.

Prioritize It

Place self-care at the top of your priority list. Remember it’s tough to heal others when you are not well yourself. People depend on you. Honor them by taking care of you first. Team building comes with each individual member taking care of themselves.

Set Limits

If you place your self-care at the top of your priority list then value and protect that time for self-care, by not scheduling other less important things over the top of it.

Enlist Support

If you need support in taking care of you, enlist support. Hire a trainer to keep you fit, a professional life coach to help maintain emotional balance, and meet goals, and personal assistant to keep you on track throughout your day.

Keep it simple, fun, and easy to maintain is the key to staying on course over time. You may feel selfish for doing it but over the long haul, you will be serving those that count on you even better because you are showing up fully for yourself.

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