unnamed 300x287 - Holiday Nuts?I had come into a store, outside someone in the three car traffic line was blowing their horn at an elderly lady with a cane crossing the parking lot driveway to get into the store, or at a store worker moving a long line of shopping carts back into the store. Nuts, I thought, after all neither was able to move any faster despite the blaring horn. I was pondering this seemingly nonsensical act as I spied a big display entitled HOLIDAY NUTS $4.98!

Now truly that was apropos, Holiday Nuts! Laughing out loud and shaking my head at the scene outside, I examined the bags of nuts for the upcoming festivities when the person next to me laughed and said, “Holiday Nuts, my family,” and then I thought holiday nuts, the way you feel when life feels out of control during the upcoming month!

What comes to mind when you think Holiday Nuts?

Is it your own or others insanity during the holidays?
Is it how you feel when your with your family or simply thinking about them?
Is it the actual nuts themselves? Pecans, walnuts, peanuts, almonds…?

Consider how many ways to be nuts there are out there during the holidays? Then smile, laugh, and enjoy being a holiday nut amongst the holiday nuts, during the holiday nuttiest time of the year! Oh, and have some Holiday Nuts while you are at it!

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