Stay out of the court of self-judgment, for there is no presumption of innocence. 
Robert Brault
Do you have an inner judge? Many of us do. Commenting continuously on what we say or do, or what we don’t say or do. It’s a self-created court room in which you are always the defendant, on trial, found guilty, and sentenced. But what if our interior mind was a kind and compassionate place. A place that provided understanding, validation, and self-compassion.
What if we provided a place that allowed ourselves to explore our thoughts, words, and actions with empathy for ourselves, and others, and thus allowed us to examine our choices, and determine whether these choices were useful or not. Was that effective or ineffective? What might I do differently next time? What might I keep the same?
How might your world shift if you showed more self-compassion and less self-judgment? Not sure? Let’s talk.

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