Without purpose, your life becomes a “wandering generality,” according to Patrick Williams and Lloyd J. Thomas. When Carnegie wrote, “I am going to spend the first forty years of my life creating a fortune, and the second forty years giving it all away,” he was articulating a clear and focused life path. Yet unlike Carnegie many of us live a life of meaningless wandering.


Figuring out which path or purpose to follow can be an overwhelming task. Have you ever thought, “I have no idea what my life purpose is supposed to be? How do I figure out what my purpose is supposed to be? I have lost my life purpose, or completed my life purpose, now what? Why am I alive in this time, this place?”


If so consider meditating on the following, write down whatever comes to mind first!

What motivates me? What energizes me? What brings me pleasure? What do I really want? Who do I enjoy? What would I do with my life, if my family would and could support anything I chose to do? If I had no family members to consider what would my future plans be? If I had three months, no obligations, and no financial limitations what would I do with my time? If I had only six months to live how would I spend it? If I were granted five wishes, what would I ask for?


Contemplate your answers.


Are you on your path?

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