We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.


How do we know that the wind exists? How do we know it is wind?


We hear it. we feel it. We revel or revile it. We chose how we define our experience of it.  The trees, the shrubs, the dust are the face of the wind. The visual of what cannot be seen but is seen. There are signs of the wind. We don’t say the wind does not exist because we cannot see it. We bear witness to it in the dust that spins, giving the wind a form, an image, and we can see the wind dressed in the dust it spins, dancing for us, driving us, divining us of all that cannot be seen but is still present.

Knowing, Trusting

What can you not see but know is present? How do you know it is? What are the signs? Check out the reality. Without the wind the dust would not dance? Do you have confirmation that what you think, and feel is truly known to you? I encourage my clients to trust their own knowing.

Do you trust yours? Do you know what it is? How does it come dressed? Want to discuss? Contact me.

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