Learningg Disabilities - Learning Disabilities


Learning disabilities can cause problems for individuals of all ages. Today we are doing a better job of identifying the difficulties children are having in school so that they can be assisted to reach their learning potential. However, sometimes adults have been able to get through school without being assessed but have had difficulties in life, be that at home or at work.

So whether you are a student, the parent of a student, or an adult that would like to better understand your strengths and needs then a learning disability assessment might be exactly what you need.

How does learning disability testing work?

A learning disability evaluation consists of a comprehensive interview regarding the individual’s history, and current situation including success and difficulties. Typically, objective testing is used to determine precise areas of functioning difficulties. These may include self or other interviews, or feedback, questionnaires and objective testing to create an accurate picture of how an individual is performing.

All the data that is collected is summarized and integrated into a meaningful report that identifies the individual’s strengths and needs. This report then can inform decisions on learning and teaching methods. It will assist in providing a correct diagnosis and thus appropriate interventions can be applied.

Likewise, individuals that do not have learning disabilities can be identified. Learning disability symptoms can occur from a variety of mental health or physical illnesses. A comprehensive evaluation can assist in clarifying what the individual needs and can thus be treated effectively.

A typical evaluation can last anywhere from two to four hours. It may require more than one visit. Typically, a follow-up appointment clarifies the results. On occasion, you may want to include school or work facilitators, teachers, loved ones, or other professionals in the process to either provide information or to assist them in grasping a better understanding of the needs of the individual being evaluated.

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