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” I work with clients to change a challenging life into an amazing journey.”
— Dr. Marsha Ferrick

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a deep, transformation process that inspires you to live the awesome life you desire.

The Life Coach | Client relationship supports you in heightening your self-awareness and connecting with your deepest inner self.

Life Coaching helps you to communicate intimately and meaningfully with others. Life Coaching helps you create the life you want.

Life Coaching gives you the tools and strategies to overcome limiting behaviors and embrace new mindsets to achieve personal empowerment and balance.

Life Coaching is Powerful for

  • Individuals Seeking Greater Personal Fulfillment
  • High Performing / High Stress Professionals
  • Individuals Desiring Greater Achievement Professionally
  • Individuals Struggling with Repetitive Life Imbalances

What You Can Expect

  • Self Awareness
  • Improved Personal Relationships
  • Strategies for Achieving Your Personal Vision
  • Overcoming Limited Mindsets

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coaching is a transformational process.

As part of this process, you can create any number of visions you desire for your life. Some of these might include:

A More Joy Filled Personal Life
Increased Intimate Connections with Your Partner or Family Strengthened Friendships
Growth and Stabilization of Your Support System
Creating Win-Win Business Relationships
Greater Success and Achievement in Your Career or Business Spiritual Life Development

My clients and I work together to consider the big picture and create your vision.

We create a plan for achieving your vision.

We devise strategies and tools for changing your inner stance or limiting mindsets.

We work together to identify limiting behaviors and strategies to change those into positive, empowering behaviors.

We identify any needed skill development and a plan to achieve and implement those skills.

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” The Distance Between
Your Dreams
And Reality
Is Action”
– Unknown

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Coaching Client Profile

Are you a busy professional? Are you married to another busy professional? Do you have children? Work for yourself? Are you in a helping profession? Are you struggling to keep everything going in the successful and balanced way that you want to live your life? Is your business, marriage, or children struggling? Do you need confidential, convenient, compassionate, and ultra-competent support? I work with clients that are intelligent, hard-working, loving individuals that want to create the best for themselves, their families, and the people they serve in their professional lives, yet sometimes life happens, and things fall apart.
This is when hiring a Professional Coach that is Board Certified and Licensed as a Psychologist with +20 years of experience becomes an amazing investment. As a Professional Coach your work with me is kept confidential and out of your health records. We work via phone, or in-person. We work at a place that is convenient for you. Sessions from your home or office, no travel time.
Challenges or problems between sessions, no problem, contact me and we will communicate ASAP. Referred to as “wise, intuitive, and graciously articulate” I bring compassion and competence to every interaction.