My experience of life is that it is truly a remarkable journey. It involves peaceful highways, mountainous roads, barren wastelands, magical sunsets, and torrential floods yet around every corner there is something new to see and lessons learned along the way. As I think back on my own life I am in wonder at how it has unfolded. Struggles and dark times have  taught me valuable lessons for current days. I choose each day to continue down the road fearless about the future because I have overcome and learned from the past.

I have many lessons yet to learn, however life’s experiences have taught me that it truly “is the journey and not the destination” that matters. Don’t get me wrong I am a goal setter, and passionate about reaching the goals I seek. I have a vision for the future yet am flexible enough to understand there is an energy greater than myself that allows me to live out a life of even greater success if I allow it to manifest itself through me. There are times I have watched my life demand of me that I  live out a life of passion or risk an emotional and psychological death from living a life of mediocrity. This demand for growth though painful  can be as difficult as a death or divorce, or as simple as a friend telling me the kind truth. A kind truth is one that I do not always want to hear but definitely need to hear. I have learned from these lessons that I can tolerate the pain that comes with growth. These lessons continue to provide me with the richest rewards. As I grow my ability to love, serve, and deeply connect with others multiplies.

Today for me living a successful life of passion and service is no longer an option on my quest. It is in the words of Bette Midler’s song, The Rose… “it is a hunger, An endless aching need”. The journey of my life has lead me here to this time and to this place for a reason. The road before me has peaceful highways, mountainous roads, barren wastelands, magical sunsets, and torrential floods, yet I am ready to live it fully, fearlessly with passion and determination because of what I have learned on the road thus far…I will continue to learn, grow and serve along the journey’s highway seeking each golden lining, each rainbow, and every brass ring that comes my way with joy! Each challenge will be a gift and a creative opportunity that I will embrace with all the grace I possess. I am committing to making my choices and actions based on love not fear today. How will you chose to live this day?


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