Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

I have often heard, “I don’t need a coach… I have a coach, it’s my mom, my dad, my friend, or my spouse!”  I smile to myself, because that translates to “I don’t want someone to tell me the truth.” I don’t want to do my best.” “I don’t want to be faced with the insight and awareness.” “I don’t want movement in my life.” “I want to stay safe, snug, encumbered in that which is comfy to me.”

A Coach Speaks Truth

I get it. My coach pisses me off on a regular basis, and I love her for it. She isn’t my parent, my friend, or my partner. She is solely there to tell me the kind truth to assist me in growing myself and my business, in helping me to continue to create the life I want to live! She helps me understand more deeply my life, my challenges, and assists me in moving the boulders in my life out of my path so I can continue to move on in my journey!

Why Do the Greats Hire Coaches?

Imagine the great sports player, musicians, actors, actresses, or CEO’s saying I’ve hired my parent, spouse, friend as my coach. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m saying that managing that dual role successfully for both individuals is rare.

What does a Coach do?

A coach doesn’t talk to you. A coach listens to you. Reflects it back to you. Tells you the truth in a way that you can hear it, take in, and transform yourself from it. A coach is detached from the outcome. They have their eye on your goal and don’t get sucked into the drama of your life. They fly above it or below it, providing you with a view that you cannot see when you are in the midst of it.

A coach holds you responsible for your life and doesn’t fall for the story you have bought in to about your life, and the people in it. They help you remove every obstacle you have constructed to stop forward movement in your life, so that you can create the life you want. Your coach will love you and challenge you. They will show you how to move up and stay high on the emotional ladder. They will tell you to slow down until you actually, s l o w  d o w n. Live in the present moment, and find happiness right here, where it has been all the time.

Who’s coaching you?

The Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

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