The trees do not strive to bloom and yet they always do, What if you allowed your next to come?
Allison Crow
What is next? I have raised my children. Written my book. Sold my business. Been fired. Quit my job. Divorced. Remarried. Moved. Started my dream job. Created a new enterprise.


Next is often accompanied with anxiety, or perhaps excitement…if you remember to breathe. Change is sometimes accompanied with relief but more often with fear of “What is next?” or “What if nothing is next?” or “What if this was as good as it gets?”


What if this is just the beginning of the next chapter in your life? What if you are living out the most exciting novel you have ever read? What would the next chapter look like to you? What would you be doing? Where would you be living? Who would you be meeting? What would you be seeing? Who would you be hanging out with in the next great chapter of your life?


Closing a chapter on your life may require some reflection but remember to not spend so much time staring at the door that just closed that you miss the one that opens before you. Peek through the door what is your next? Look around. Breathe. Take a step. Wait for your next, it is coming, be vigilant, don’t miss it. There is more for you to do. Not sure what? Let’s talk.

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