You can worry about most people all day but I can
promise you they are not worried about you.  Almost all growth that’s
available to you exists when you aren’t most people and when
you work hard to appeal to folks that are not most people.
Seth Godin

Have you ever had something that you wanted to do and you were very excited about it? Then you told people about it and you received pained looks, panicked expressions, head shakes, oh no, and questions such as, “Why would you want to do that?” And your excitement went flat, your balloon was flattened, the wind beneath your wings disappeared?

I was born loving horses. I wanted to ride, train, and breed horses, and it was not a career choice my parents were thrilled about me pursing… a vet, a doctor, an attorney, a business owner… yes, but a horse trainer. Well it wasn’t something they thought I could do and support myself.

Can anyone relate? I am sure some of you can.

What I didn’t know then is that growth occurs when we don’t listen to most people. Growth occurs when we go deep inside, take a step, find our path, and live true to it. Growth stops when we fail to trust our own journey, and listen to the well-meaning but un-supportive and often bad advice of others.

Find people that support that path. Find people that want to join the journey, and serve them.

Who supports your path? Do you? Who else?

Need support? Can’t find your path? Let’s talk.

And remember don’t be most people!