I am in the midst of reading, Steve Chandler’s newest book, Death Wish about recovery from addiction. In it he mentions a conversation between publisher Maurice Bassett and blogger Adam Adams. Adams was quoted as saying, “the greatest addiction is familiarity addiction”. Steve quotes Maurice as writing, “It does seem that familiarity is a powerful yet subtle addiction. Staying in our comfort zones, not risking… Going numb to our own possibilities.”
Upon reading this I yelled, “Yes, that’s it!” It is this complacency I experience all around me. When I ask others, “How are you? What is going on in your world? ” I am met with fine, good, okay. Life is the status quo. Ugh, I’d rather hear awful, terrible, hard, or awesome, incredible, exciting, or at the very least interesting.
Why, because at least I know those in the latter category are growing, learning, and alive to their own possibilities. It may not be of their own making. Life may be delivering them a large nudge to grow, learn, and change, or they may be creating the circumstances to do that themselves. Either way there is hope! They are alive!
By choice or circumstance they are awake, and in being awake we are able to create an incredible life.
Are you numbing out with the familiar or something else? Are you curled up in your comfort zone? Where might you stretch 1-5% beyond your comfort zone? Where might you re-awaken, and become alive?
Email me, I would love to about your possibilities!