Comprehensive Legal Decision Making Evaluation - Parenting Consultation


You may seek a Parenting Consultation for any number of reasons. Parenting Consultation does not require a court order. You may seek to consult Dr. Ferrick with or without your child’s other parent, or alone. There is any number of reasons you might seek consultation.

Reasons for Parenting Consultations:

  • Understanding your child’s developmental needs
  • Learning ways to decrease conflict with your child’s other parent.
  • Learning how to decrease your child’s exposure to conflict.
  • Improving your ability to co-parent.
  • Reconfigure the family system to accommodate the new parameters set by the courts.
  • Learning to parallel parent.
  • Learning how to deal with a high conflict partner.
  • Understanding the range of parenting options.
  • Determining which parenting options are best for your child.
  • Pre-Divorce consultations may explore options such as collaborative law, mediation, evaluations, telling the children, separating, or the use of a Parenting Coordinator.

Parenting Consultations are not considered therapy. The focus is on your needs and requests that are related to the divorce or conflict between the parents. In a Parent Consultation, the consultant may make suggestions and recommendations that you are free to adopt or not. There is no report or recommendations made to the court, and would not serve such a purpose, they are merely for the benefit of the individual(s) asking for the consult.

Dr. Ferrick assists you in wading through the emotions and facts of your case. She allows you to consider your options and encourages you to trust your own sense of knowing what is best for you and your children. She will encourage you to see things from different perspectives and suggest skills that will assist you in managing difficult situations in order to improve your current situation. On occasion, Dr. Ferrick will recommend ongoing therapy, or coaching to assist you with dealing with the stressors in your situation.

Dr. Ferrick may be contacted via phone (480) 405-4160 or email to schedule an appointment or to get answers to your questions.