Comprehensive Legal Decision Making Evaluation 4 - Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator

Your former spouse failed to pick up the children again. During your last telephone conversation, your ex-spouse told you that he or she was going to take the kids for two weeks over the holidays and you have made plans already in accord with the court order and your parenting time. So, you call your attorney again. Here you go back to court! You’re in family court for the sixth time in the last year because your ex-spouse will not abide by the orders of the court regarding parenting.

Why Use a Parenting Coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is a court appointed third party who is given quasi-judicial authority and remains involved after the court has entered either an initial order or a modification/order of contempt on your current case. You may request or the court may appoint a parenting coordinator if:

  1. Are you in a high conflict case involving children?
  2. Do you and your ex fight about every exchange or extracurricular activity?
  3. Do you feel the other parent is constantly trying to undermine your every move?
  4. Does your ex violate the court ordered parenting plan constantly?

The Arizona statutes allow for the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator if:

  1. the parents are persistently in conflict with one another;
  2. there is a history of substance abuse by either parent or family violence;
  3. there are serious concerns about the mental health or behavior of either parent;
  4. a child has special needs; or
  5. it would otherwise be in the children’s best interests to do so.

Children’s Best Interest

Dr. Ferrick’s primary concern is the welfare and well-being of your children. Through patient,  empathetic listening, skilled behavioral management and guided counseling for children and teens, the individuals involved are guided to create collaborative decisions wherever possible. When joint decisions are unable to be resolved then a decision will be based on what is in the best interest of the children.

Conflict Reduction

My primary role as a Parenting Coordinator is to reduce the overall conflict between the parents reducing the suffering that this creates for their children. As a Parenting Coordinator, Dr. Ferrick assist parents in making decisions together, decreasing conflict over daily concerns that need to be addressed regarding their children. Resolving issues that create highly contentious custody cases which reduce the hours that attorneys spend negotiating agreements with opposing counsel, which can represent a significant cost-savings for both parents.


Dr. Ferrick is a licensed clinical psychologist in the states of Arizona and Ohio, and a Board Certified Professional Coach with training and experience in domestic violence, child abuse, trauma, alcohol and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, psychopathology, and high conflict couples. In addition, she has  substantial training and experience in forensic psychology. She brings breadth and depth of training and experience to each case.