You’re living life from your values, right? Right.


Uncomfortable with your life? Not where you want to be? Not achieving your goals or desires? Is your behavior destructive to yourself or others?


Consider your values… Who’s values are you living?


Hook, line, and sinker you bought into Mom and Dad’s values. Possibly you are still living the values of your adolescence, living in rebellion to those you perceive are in power. Living the values of today’s friends. Your church’s values. The corporation where you work. Perhaps your spouse’s or your community’s values.


Yet are any of these really your values? Yes.


Are you certain? Maybe….No.


Make a list of your values.


Ask yourself, is this a standard I want to live by today. Yes! Great keep it. No! Get rid of it. Not sure. Write it down, contemplate it. Get clear on it, then stash it or toss it.


Choose values that are your values then start living in alignment with them, today, then behave accordingly.


Don’t be surprised if life gets easier. You move towards your goals, and gain your desires. Your behavior becomes constructive for yourself and others.


Funny how living in alignment with our own values thrusts us forward into the life we want!


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