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” Horses will reflect and respond to the energies we put forth. Interactions with horses quickly enhance our understanding of the energy we are putting out and our impact on other people.”
— Dr. Marsha Ferrick

Dr. Ferrick has created a one of a kind Team Building activities which she calls The Equine Collaborative Experience.

Simply explained, this opportunity captures a special magic between human and horse.

During your Equine Collaborative Experience you are in a small arena with one of Dr. Ferrick’s beautiful Andalusian horses. She will ask that you use your personal energy, (without the use of physical aids) to lead or “coach” one of her horses through a series of objectives to experience your leadership development and style.

This unique and fun experience safely helps you recognize your interaction energy and the resulting challenges or successes built into these team building exercises. There is no pass or fail to this experience, it is simply an enriching opportunity to learn and grow.

The experience also quickly demonstrates how you can control, direct or divert an energy to better interact with your world an essential ingredient for any leadership development program.

Dr. Ferrick’s warm and engaging manner and the simplicity of the horses’ behaviors provides clarity and a comfortable space to expand your thoughts to new possibilities whether you desire team building activities, enhancing your leadership skills, or a leadership development program.

Team Building is Powerful for

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Professional Teams
  • Corporate Groups

What You Expect From this Team Building Experience

  • Self Awareness
  • Improves Personal Interactions
  • Assists in Understanding and developing productive responses to the energies of others

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Leadership Development Programs use Equine Collaborated Coaching as an experience to support you in learning exactly who you are when you are in an arena with a horse.

Why? Because horses don’t believe your words if your body language tells them differently. They create a mirror for you of your strengths and growing edges.

Horses read and reflect your subconscious thoughts via your body language and energy. These subconscious thoughts are communicated to the people around us too: our spouses, family members, and coworkers.

Horses are powerful animals that have an incredible sense of their environment and those in it. So when you are in their presence, your patterns, which may not be apparent to you, will show up with the horses.

Naturally intimidating to many, horses create a natural opportunity to overcome fear, develop confidence, and overcome barriers that limit your abilities to fully communicate and develop relationships with others.

Working with a horse, despite your fears, provides a wonderful opportunity with immediate feedback for working through limiting and challenging situations within yourself and with others. Comfort around horses is not necessary. In fact, some individuals that are the most uncomfortable often have the biggest insights and personal breakthroughs.

Being in the arena with the horse will reflect to you how you are showing up in your life for yourself and others, and you will be guided to shifting in ways that are more useful, empowered and authentic. Using team building exercises allows groups to experience the interaction with themselves as well as others.

The impact is immediate, embodied, and lasting there is nothing else like it. You can talk to people for a long time and they will never understand their impact and that of others like they will after only a short time with a horse. 

I have been amazed at the immediate and immense changes that occur in people when they work with my horses. If you’re interested in learning more about my life coaching programs, please get in touch.

Here is what some others have to say about the Equine Collaborative Team Building Experience

“Though I was hesitant to work with horse, the work exceeded my expectations. The horses space for me to explore and clarify what I truly want from life and empowers informed, inspired action that gets results. I enjoy every session and appreciate the opportunity to share both my successes and struggles. I find this enhances the pace of my process without the stress I used to go through when moving through change”. MJ, teacher

“We had an awesome experience working with Marsha’s horses. I loved it. It helped clarify boundaries for my family and I. The best part was we had great fun doing it”. J.G., attorney

“ECC was one of the best investments I have made for myself and my family. The work we did helped us to get focused about what was important for us as a group”. L.W. author

“As I’ve been up-leveling my business, I’ve needed to interact in circles with higher-achieving, powerful people than I’d been used to. Somehow, it had been more difficult to stay in my power with strong influencers, C-Suite level execs etc. I spent a day with Marsha and her horses and wow, what a revelation. In the time we spent together, she not only was able to describe to me how I was using my energy (my body-language but also the more subtle embodiment of my energetic field), but to show me with the help of her beautiful horses how to come out and stand my ground way more. It was a lot more challenging than I had expected, but by the end, I got it. The sensitivity of her horses, and the clear demonstration and instruction that Marsha gives are a potent combination. Since our session, I’ve stood taller, my voice has dropped deeper, and I am a lot more sure-footed in important meetings. I can’t recommend her enough.” CB, Coach

“I attended an equine workshops and realized I had a lot of amazing potential, opportunities and talents to explore! The horse provided a backdrop for me to reach deep and uncover what is holding me back from feeling fulfilled and setting up a positive plan of action to move forward!” KM, teacher

“I need to succeed in my personal and professional life. Equine Coaching proved to be a gratifying and life changing experience!” DL, Physician

“I have personally and professionally benefited from the insight that equine coaching provides. It was eye opening. SR, CEO

ECC was game changer in my life. I was able to make positive changes in my life after working with Marsha’s beautiful horse. I wouldn’t be living the life I am living today if it were not for ECC”. CW, Small Business Owner

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    ” We had an
    experience working
    with Marsha’s
    horses. I loved it. It
    helped clarify
    boundaries for my
    family and I. The
    best part was we
    had great fun doing
    J.G. Attorney

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