This could be heaven or this could be Hell

Hotel California, The Eagles

Our personal self-management style determines whether this life is heaven or hell. Excitingly, we get to be responsible for which one we want to be in.


Many years ago, I spent a few weeks trekking and traveling through Nepal. As I was sitting beside a cow pasture awaiting a plane to arrive I observed a very poor man probably schizophrenic who sat talking to himself near the airport building (shack would be a more appropriate description.) I had a boxed lunch that had been given to me and it had more food than I could eat, so I offered the uneaten portion to the man. He accepted. I walked back to where I was sitting, and became engrossed in my thoughts about how the plane would land with the cows in the pasture. As I glanced around I noticed the man sharing the food with a couple of goats that had wandered up to him with whom he was sharing his meal.


I smiled even in his poverty this man had chosen heaven, not hell. He chose to believe that the universe would continue to provide him with food. He didn’t need to hoard it, there would be enough for him, so feeding the goats was okay.

Live Fearless

Do we live as if there will be enough or do we live in fear of not enough? A life of stinginess, selfishness, and hoarding? Or do we live without fear? No fear trusting that what we are handed we will be able to manage and figure it out? One is heaven, and one is hell.

Chose Self-Management

Is your life heaven or hell? How do we make it hell? How do we make it heaven?

What are you making out of your day? Each day a choice heaven, hell. It’s all in what we make it. Perhaps no truer words have been sung…

‘we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’

Hotel California, The Eagles

You Hold the Key

The good news is that if we are prisoners here, of our own device, we hold the key to unlocking the gate and setting ourselves free.

Would you prefer heaven to hell? Is it time to set yourself free? Want to know how? Contact me, let’s talk!

Freedom from Fear

The Gift of Responsibility

Is the Time Right for Self-Management?

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