First learn to see yourself, then learn to see others, last help them to see themselves.

Mme Ehrenfried

Humans are amazing.

Yet we can be absurdly unaware of ourselves. There are times when other’s can see us more clearly than we can see our own behavior.

In a profession such as mine we spend a great deal of time getting clear about ourselves, our history, and our reactions to the world around us. We develop skills to effectively manage and cope in the world with kind choice, and loving deliberation. We do this so that we can learn to see others clearly, and then help them to see themselves more accurately.

This is no easy task for us or them. It is an ongoing work of self-discovery, unfolding the layers, and serving so others can more effectively help themselves and others.

It is for this reason that we take this humbling journey so that we can with love and compassion assist others to be more loving and compassionate with themselves, and others. In this way we pass goodness and compassion from person to person into the world and we offer a kinder more loving place to be.

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