Customized plans with trained support so you may live a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Marsha Ferrick Coaching’s Wellness Program partners with you to create a healthier lifestye.

Our Certified Wellness Coaches assist you in developing and sustaining a healthy, successful system that is based on your personal likes, style, and goals.

Let us help you turn your life around and improve your personal wellness by developing a life-long  practice that works for you.

Good support is  a major component necessary for change. The idea of going it alone although a popular idea is a misconception. Individuals that make significant life changes almost always have assistance. Marsha Ferrick Wellness Coaching Program supplies that support.

Our wellness coaches assist you in developing a lifestyle plan that works for you. We offer support across multiple lifestyle areas. We do not believe in one plan fits everyone so our wellness coaches work with you to customize a plan that works for you. 

Consider the following areas of your life. Which of these might be impacting your emotional and mental well?


Spiritual Health concerns your search for meaning and purpose in the world. It may include exploring the purpose of human existence. Identifying and developing a set of values to live by. A search for a connection to a higher power or consciousness.


Intellectual health requires an open mind when presented with ideas different from your own. Developing skills to communicate and listen effectively to others. Engaging with socially and culturally diverse groups. Expanding your knowledge and understanding.


Physical health is a popular topic in our culture.  It can include better health through developing positive exercise, nutrition, sleep routines.


Environmental health requires an examination of your environment. Keeping yourself away from hazards that can arise in our environment. This may require an examination of both your physical and emotional environment. Toxins can take many forms and pollute multiple areas of our life.


Financial health focuses on learning to successfully manage your expenses, budgeting, create better spending habits, repay debt, save, invest, and plan for the future.


Relationship health explores ways to develop quality interactions and deeper intimacy with others. You may want to improve your relationship with a loved one, friends, colleague, or employer. You may want to make more friends and increase your social activities.


Social health includes interacting and connecting with individuals in your community. Increased activity may improve your social support, interest and activity in areas of interest.


Recreational health explores how you use your time outside of work and family responsibilities. You explore how to have fun create space to play. This might include  sports, art, creative endevours, mastering a new skill, or enjoying nature.


Support through transitions aids wellness. Transitions may include a change of job or job status, managing a chronic health or medical challenge for yourself or a loved one. Difficult relationships or marriages, challenging job positions, divorce, pregnancy, a new birth, retirement, financial loss or loss of
a loved one may be eased with a wellness coach to support you through the process.

Your wellness plan may include your physical, mental, emotional, social, and/or spiritual health.

Are you tired and run down with the everyday stressors of life?
Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

Six Month Package $1500


  1. Life Assessment
  2. Weekly sessions with a certified wellness coach
  3. Personally tailored wellness plan
  4. Enrollment in our Private FB Wellness page
  5. Workbooks by Dr. Ferrick and her team
  6. An individual coaching session with Dr. Marsha Ferrick

Let Marsha Ferrick’s Wellness Coaches help you take your life to the next level.