In the midst of a monsoon rain, I found my way to the barn by the occasional bolt of lightning as I traversed the running torrents of water en-route to feed the horses.  I was thankful in that moment for the light created by those bolts of  distant lightning as it assist me through the sheer wall of water cascading from the skies. A welcome and awe inspiring sight in the Arizona desert that I now call home.

This moment sparked some reflection on how some of us are meant to be stars, others of us are meant to be lightning.

Lightning is energy it’s brightness shines to create light for others. Lightning brightens a grey world and shows the way when all is dark. To shine like lightning is not  to be the star but for us to lend energy so others may find their brightness and shine like the stars they are meant to be.

Where is your energy brightening the world? Whose path are you lighting? Whose path might be lost without you?

The world may never be powered by the energy from lightning but your energy just might make a difference to someone.

Don’t hide! Somewhere, someone needs your energy and light!

Fun Fact: An average bolt of lightning, striking from cloud to ground, contains roughly one billion (1,000,000,000) joules of energy. This is no small amount, enough topower a 60-watt lightbulb for six months plus a forgotten open door refrigerator for a day.

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