Sports Performance – Mastering the Mental Game

” I work with clients to change a challenging life into an amazing journey.”
— Dr. Marsha Ferrick

Dr. Ferrick Specializes in Mastering the
Equestrian Arts

To master the art of riding, the rider must master the muscle, mind, and spirit of the self, and also master the muscle, mind, and spirit of the horse.

Mastering both self and horse is a challenge that few other athletes must meet.

As equestrians we often forget that we as well as the horse are in training and as the horse’s development in muscle, mind and spirit may limit our success, our own lack of development in muscle, mind, and spirit will also limit the horse.

The development of mastery for horses and riders includes both plateaus and peaks. The
plateaus are necessary for both horse and rider in order to develop the muscle memory needed to advance. The peaks help encourage us to keep going!

Sports Psychology Coaching is
Powerful for

  • Individuals Struggling with Competitive Performance Anxiety
  • Amateur Athletes, Hobbyists, and Professionals
  • Individuals Desiring Greater Performance Results
  • Individuals Struggling with Self Defeating Habits
  • Athletes Desiring to Improve Performance Outcomes

How Does Sports Psychology Work?

Focus with Intention on Thoughts and Mindset

Learn to be Fully Present of Your Conscious Experience

Relax At Will

Develop Practice Techniques Utilizing Vivid Mental Imagery

Embrace the Willingness to Perform at the Edge of Your Potential

Techniques to Embrace Coaching & Demands of Your Sport

Dr. Ferrick works with Athletes from all Sports to develop mental and emotional skills to perform at the top of their game.

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What the mind can conceive and
believe, it can achieve.”
–Napoleon Hill