What are you waiting to solve or fix before you do something?
That is what stops people from being joyful, creative, and productive.
Steve Chandler

Many years ago I coached a woman that was a beautiful, creative, and funny. She had a good job, owned her own home, enjoyed her family and friends. In general, her life was good. However, there were things she wanted to do in her life but had put off because she felt she needed to lose weight. This woman had been overweight all of her life but was determined to lose the weight this time so she could do these things she had been putting off in her life until she lost weight. This woman had tried every diet and weight loss program known to woman, so giving her more of the same seemed, well, redundant, and a waste of her money.

So I asked her to stop waiting to lose weight and just start living her life. She thought that was impossible, she could not possibly do the things she wanted to do without losing weight first. I suggested she make a list of things she wanted to do once she lost weight. So she did. We then discussed the stories she had created about why she couldn’t do each of these activities until she lost weight. As we had these discussions she began to open up to the possibility of doing some of the things she wanted to do before she lost weight. She decided in fact that there were several activities she could do without losing weight first. So she started to do them. One at a time. She gained confidence, accomplished more things, and lived more fully into her life. She was having a great time. Her positivity and creativity increased. She found she really loved her life. She even lost some weight as she became more engaged in the life she wanted.

You see her problem was not her weight. Her problem was she had put her life on hold because she had created a story many years ago that she had to fix her weight before she could embrace the life she wanted. It simply wasn’t true. In fact, as she lived more fully she was more satisfied, and her weight began to drop too.

Where have you put your life on hold? What are you waiting to solve or fix before living your life?

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