SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL this holiday season!

This may be hard to believe if you struggle with family members.

Here are some skills I teach clients that struggle with family events.

First, you get to choose. So, stay empowered in that choice.
You really do not have to go anywhere, or invite anyone to your house.

Second, stay focused on WHY you made the choice.
Mom might not be here next year.
The children love to play with their cousins.
Support my partner.
Whatever your reason, it is okay to go, or not, invite or not.

Third, you can change your mind and make a different choice.
It is okay to leave at any point if you so choose.
It is okay to ask someone to leave your home.

Fourth, have clear limits.
Screaming and yelling occurs, I go home.

Fifth, create the time you want to have. Do you want to have a…
Quiet, relaxing, and peaceful time?
Playful and fun?
Helpful and engaged?

Then set out to make that happen. Remember no one can get in the way of that unless you choose to let them!

Still suffering? Want to stop? Let’s talk!