Any time we make a change in our lives, others in our human herd will either encourage us, or discourage us in making progress in our personal growth and life goals. If they have a specific limiting belief about us they will continue to try to pull us back into that specific false belief [I am not …(you fill in the blank)] about ourselves. if You Have People in your life like this GET RID of THEM… or at the very least MINIMIZE your TIME with THEM. Instead surround yourself with people that support your growth and change, people that challenge you to move out of your comfort zone and reach your potential. When you enter into any relationship it should be to give AND you will notice that if you are in healthy relationships you will also receive because they are also in it to give not to receive. Wow! What an awesome concept…Both people giving not out of need or necessity but because they desire to serve each other. Now that is where real love and growth begin.


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