Not Most Folks!

You can worry about most people all day but I can promise you they are not worried about you.  Almost all growth that’s available to you exists when you aren’t most people and when […]

What’s in a Whisper?

What is in a whisper? I watch my mares in the pasture, and they whisper. They whisper to their colts, to each other, to the stallion, and to me. They […]

A New Way to Look at Emotions

Equation of Emotional Management Emotions = Energy Emotions create a change in bodily energy. How will you choose to use it! You can create or You can destroy. Emotions are […]

How to be Honest

Recognize your truth is not necessarily everyone else’s truth. Be aware of the way you filter facts. Temper your truth with tact. Be congruent. Follow through. Create connection by valuing […]