Knowing and the Wind

640px 1993 141 31A Amboseli dust devil 1 - Knowing and the Wind

We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible. Novalis How do we know that the wind exists? How do we know it is wind? Recognizing We […]

Self-Reflection through Loving Compassion

water drop

First learn to see yourself, then learn to see others, last help them to see themselves. Mme Ehrenfried Humans are amazing. Yet we can be absurdly unaware of ourselves. There […]

Leadership: Lead like a Mare


Want something done?  Tell a gelding. Ask a stallion. Discuss it with a mare. Anonymous Is leadership different for men and women? In herds of horses stallions and mares are […]

Drop the Anchor!

The bad news is I’m the problem.  The good news is if I’m the problem I’m also the solution! Steve Chandler Have you ever had problems with someone only to […]

Love like a Stallion

Horses can teach us about life, if we take the time to observe, and understand their behavior. Fin, my Andalusian stallion reminds me of the importance of letting those we […]

Your Posture, Impacts You

Be fully in the moment, open yourself to the powerful energies dancing around you. Ernest Hemingway We know that our posture impacts how others see us, but did you know […]

The Value of Knowing Nothing

Communication solves all problems. Steve Chandler What is the value of knowing nothing about another? This might be the one truth that is truly useful in forming and maintaining relationships, […]

What if You are Perfect?

I mean perfect as you are…that you did not need to change anything about yourself. What if you knew that at the very core of yourself that you were not […]

Amongst the Wild Horses

I spent a day with the incredible, executive coach, and friend, Karen Davis. After we had played for several hours with my horses, and had a relaxing lunch, we made the […]

The Space Between

Life is lived in the expansion and contraction of the breath. Life is lived between the seconds, between the cells in the moments of presence to what is now in […]