The Value of Knowing Nothing

Communication solves all problems. Steve Chandler What is the value of knowing nothing about another? This might be the one truth that is truly useful in forming and maintaining relationships, […]

Are You a Boredom Pecker?

As I talked to Debby Kinsella at Full Circle Ranch B & B, Cave Creek, AZ about her hens that supplied the eggs for morning breakfast, a friend of hers […]

Moving West, a Perspective

Many years ago a colleague of mine recounted a story told to her by the Chair of her dissertation committee. He recalled that to graduate from one of his programs […]


“I-think-I-can” these words were made famous in a story that first appeared in print with the title The Little Engine That Could, 1920. The story has gone through multiple versions but […]

Misuse of the Imagination

Major Nesmeth was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. For seven years he was confined to a small cage. To keep his sanity, he played an imaginary eighteen holes […]

Life is a Prep School for Your Future

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard There are no mistakes only creative opportunities. How has your life prepared you for the future? […]

Is Your Life a Wandering Generality?

Without purpose, your life becomes a “wandering generality,” according to Patrick Williams and Lloyd J. Thomas. When Carnegie wrote, “I am going to spend the first forty years of my life creating a […]

Take Up the Challenge

“There is always a gift in any challenge.” Bronnie Ware Life is a quest, a journey towards fulfillment.   Challenges are opportunities for growth along the way. No challenges, no […]