Are You a Boredom Pecker?

As I talked to Debby Kinsella at Full Circle Ranch B & B, Cave Creek, AZ about her hens that supplied the eggs for morning breakfast, a friend of hers […]

Are You an A?

In the book, The Art of Possibility, Benjamin and Rosamund Stone Zander share a story of a young man that was attending one of Benjamin’s music courses. Zander, the conductor of […]

Who are You?

How did you answer the question above? What beliefs do you hold about yourself? Are those beliefs helpful or hurtful to you? Do these beliefs move you toward the life […]


Celtic Symbol of Integrity Integrity… Awareness. Honest with self. Honest with others. Authentic. Say what you mean. Do what you say. Word and deed align. Commitment. Follow through. Showing up. […]