We hear a great deal about the benefits of life coaching these days. Here are a few.

Change your life

Your life will change. Probably for the better. Remember change can be difficult because humans like to remain in homeostasis. Coaching will give you the best result when you are ready to dive in without reservation.

Face the truth

Good coaches tell you the truth. This is important because often no one else will do so. Change requires we acknowledge reality.

Drop your story

You will have to drop your story. We often create ourselves as victims in our lives. A coach will challenge you to own your life, and take responsibility for it.

Show up

You will have to show up. Coaching requires you to show up, do the work, and keep coming back even when it gets tough. I rarely take anyone for coaching at less than a six-month commitment. True transformation takes time, and most people want to quit when things get tough at about the 8 to 12-week mark. Be prepared to stay the course.

Drop the ego

You will come face to face with your humanity, and you will have to let go of your ego. Face your true self. find self-compassion and self-love.  For many this is the greatest struggle of all but necessary for building intimate and supportive relationships.

Letting go

You will have to learn to love what is, and what is not, and come to trust that the world is unfolding as it should without you directing the process.

Find Peace

You will find peace in this moment, and then in the next, and what starts as a challenge will become a positive habit.

Want to hire life coach?

Yes! Congratulations. You are on your way to a better more fulfilling life.

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