To know love, let the wind dance between you like the sea between souls linking you without yoking you.

paraphrased from Kahlil Gibran

How do we know there is this thing called the wind?

We hear it. we feel it. We revel or revile it. We can choose how we define our experience of it.

The trees, the shrubs, the dust give form to the wind. What is not seen can still become known.

We do not say the wind does not exist because we cannot see it. We bear witness to it in the dust that spins, giving the wind a form, an image, and so we see the wind but not the wind. Its’ form comes dressed in dust, dancing for us, reminding us that presence can be divined without sight.

The wind is present though not seen.

What can you not see but know is present in your life? How do you know? What are the signs?

Check your reality. Is the dust dancing? In the desert I now call home if there is no wind, the dust does not dance.

Your thoughts, feelings, and history meld to become your knowing.

In your body locate your knowing. Sit with your knowing then trust your knowing.

The success in your life is linked to your trust of your knowing.

Find it. Claim it. Be it.