Children and Teens - Children and Teens

Child Therapist and Counselor

I am worried about my son or daughter. A statement that I have heard many times from anxious parents concerning their child. Is there something wrong with them? How can I help them? It is a tough question because each child or teen is an individual. Each experiences their environment differently and perceives the world in a unique way. There is no one size fits all for treatment, but a thorough assessment can guide the treatment process in a meaningful way. An assessment may or may not include testing. The treatment approach often includes the parents and sometimes the family as part of the therapeutic process. Often when children or teens are having a problem there is a system issue, typically a family system issue. Therefore, it is important that all participants in that system are included when necessary.

At times the problems experienced by children and teens are due to events outside the home environment. In the cause of trauma or abuse, the situation is carefully evaluated and treatment is determined by an evaluation and assessment. A plan is developed to reduce symptoms and restore the client to pre-trauma functioning, or to a new level of understanding an insight that will benefit the client as they move forward.

Children or teens experiencing anxiety or depression are assisted in developing skills, and techniques to decrease their anxiety, and depression.

Children having difficulty with social situations will learn skills and develop exercises to practice.  They will be encouraged to ask questions and explore perspectives from the viewpoint of others.

Children and teens are encouraged to explore their beliefs and ideas within safe limits. Encouraged to gain other perspectives and determine choices while considering both short and long-term gains and losses.

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