Rule your mind or it will rule you.
Horace, Roman Poet, 65 BC-8 BC

Every morning I laugh as my beautiful yearling filly, Desiree terrorizes herself. She is positive that there must be something of interest for her in the manure bucket! Her head goes into the big black tub, she shoves the plastic fork around, and pulls at the bucket until something tips over, and she scares herself. Off she runs frightened by her own self, and I laugh, thinking that is so silly that she keeps creating anxiety for herself. However, I do the same thing. I terrorize myself with thoughts of doom and gloom! What if…? Is one of my favorite anxiety mantras, and of course the “What ifs…” are too often not the positive kind. I end up terrorizing myself, and then dealing with the fear and anxiety I have managed to self-create. Not really the best life plan!

Anxiety Self-Talk

How about you? Can you relate? Do you walk around anxious or afraid? Does it feel like this is how you live your entire day and night? Do you have times when you walk around terrorizing yourself?  Do you create anxiety through scary thoughts that help keep you afraid? “There isn’t enough… There is too much… I will never… I can’t…”  Personally terrorizing yourself can become a fine art. Instead of watching a horror movie all you need to do is sit alone with your own thoughts, and voila! You have tortured and terrorized yourself.

Anxiety Antidote

Instead consider slowing down. Look at the facts in this moment, and you may find you are living in some fantasy future you have created in your mind that is awful.  You have slid down the proverbial emotional ladder to rock bottom… fear, and the outcome is what you would expect when you are afraid… You freeze, and do nothing, you fight and create drama, or you run and avoid the peacefulness of being in the here and now. Where everything is ok, and where you can rise up the emotional ladder to peace. Like to learn how? Contact me.
Byron Katie – Fear

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